Enjoy your time!

Our Mission:

We want to help people improve their quality of life by increasing the efficient use of their time.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to exceed the wishes of our clients, the needs of our pickers, and the ambitions of our partners. In the next three years, we intend to use our platform to become an essential part of the e-commerce sector for all stakeholders.

About us

We are a technology start-up company from Switzerland.
Our idea started with a desire to optimize people's use of time by connecting local businesses and customers with people wanting the opportunity to work on their own schedule.
In addition, we want to connect people with physical limitations to home delivery options.

PickAll is a digital platform connecting three stakeholders: Customers, Pickers and Partners.


Are you striving for a better quality of life? Then you can use our platform as your personal assistant and order anything you need, from anywhere, at any time

You no longer have to do In-person shopping. You can spend more time with your family, pursue your hobby or just relax.


The picker is an independent buyer, for example part-time workers, students, retirees and other people who want to earn extra money or help the community.

Be your own boss. Determine how many hours you work or determine how many orders you take at once.

Volunteering is also possible with PickAll. A picker of personal conviction can register as a volunteer and complete the deliveries for free for those registered as elderly or with special needs.


We will help you promote your top products. We want to make digital access easier for you and provide logistics to support your existing and new customers.


Laudenice Ziltener


Co-founder and Project Manager, Laudenice wants to use her customer-oriented skills, determination and creativity to turn PickAll into a successful company. Coming from a Sales Department in IT, she has also led successful teams in the retail industry. Honesty, motivation and dedication are Laudenice’s values for success when running a company. Her personal mission is to add value to people’s lives.

Werner Wetzstein


Co-founder and CFO of PickAll, Werner started his career as a roofer, proving ‘’turnaround’’ is possible when efficiency and the right strategies are used to achieve targeted success. Executive Director at a global bank, Werner values efficiency, innovation and sustainability as the most valuable qualities for a company’s success. His personal mission is to provide more independence to people.



IT specialist, Lukas has designed and developed the app and the website and makes sure that technically everything is working fine. He has been working in IT for several years and also founded various web portals, such as Silenccio, a platform against cyberbullying. His personal mission is to create fun, interactive platforms which make a difference.