FAQ PickAll:

What is PickAll?

PickAll is a platform that brings customers, pickers and partners together. The customer enters the order on the PickAll app. The picker takes over the order, completes the purchases and passes them to the customer by appointment.

The partners are companies that can join the PickAll network and thus gain easy online access.

What is the idea of PickAll?

PickAll wants to simplify people’s lives and do good at the same time. We want to do good by supporting people with physical limitations as well as older people in their daily lives. We want to contribute to sustainability by, for example, reducing the need to use cars for purchases. We want to allow stakeholders to have more time for what is important to them. The goal is to be able to organize your daily life optimally with just one app.

What do I have to consider during the time of Corona?

We kindly ask you to comply with the FOPH’s instructions at all times. The safety distance must be observed, in particular when handing over goods from Picker to customers. We also recommend putting the bags on the floor.

Who is used to process payments?

We are working with Stripe to ensure that payments are made smoothly.

What is the fee model?


> Customer shopping cart 1 – 10 products => CHF 7.90 (picker)

> Customer shopping cart 11 – 20 products => CHF 11.90 (picker)

> Customer shopping cart 21 – 30 products => CHF 14.90 (picker)

> Customer shopping cart 31 – 40 products => CHF 18.90 (picker)

> Customer shopping cart 41 – 50 products => CHF 22.90 (picker)

> “Just Pick Up Fee” => CHF 10.00 (Picker)


> Customer shopping cart 1 – 10 products => EUR 4.90 (Picker)

> Customer shopping cart 11 – 20 products => EUR 8.90 (picker)

> Customer shopping cart 21 – 30 products => EUR 11.90 (Picker)

> Customer shopping cart 31 – 40 products => EUR 15.90 (Picker)

> Customer shopping cart 41 – 50 products => EUR 19.90 (Picker)

> “Just Pick Up Fee” => EUR 7.00 (Picker)

> Foreign currency conversions are not taken into account or are calculated in any foreign currency transactions at the then current rate of any additional fees.

> The PickAll fee is only 10% gross, minus the transaction costs at Stripe.

Who pays the transaction costs for payment processing?

PickAll will cover these costs.

What kind of business ownership is PickAll?

Our start-up has the legal form of a GmbH.




How can I register as a customer and what are the minimum requirements?

Download the PickAll app and register in the app as a customer. You can now place your order.

Who is PickAll even cheaper for?

Customers over the age of 70 or customers who are physically disabled receive the services greatly reduced. Simply provide the necessary information when registering. You have the possibility to give the picker a voluntary tip. You can place your order.

The following documents are necessary:

> Official ID

> Confirmation of residence

> Disability card or other generally accepted confirmation

After successfully checking your documents, you can record your first order.

Can I order for someone else?

Yes, you can. Please enter the delivery address and the items for delivery. Unless delivered with us, the normal fees will apply.

What can I buy?

The principle of PickAll is that you can order anything that fits in the pickers’ pockets. It’s about food, medicines, household items and much more. The shopping categories and some specific local shops are defined in the app. You can also specify your preferred shop, in case it is not listed.

How is the price calculated when ordering?

When ordering, the definitive price is not yet known. This means that price differences may arise depending on the provider. That’s why we’ve built in a safety margin so that the picker can do his shopping without unnecessary delays. Don’t worry you will only be charged the effective price. When ordering, only a reservation will be made on your credit card. In case of the final charge, the reservation will be deleted.

How are the prices of the products defined?

Since PickAll’s goal is to make sure that you can order everything you need, the prices are defined as follows. We have taken average prices from different suppliers and set one price. We have also taken into account the differences in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. This means that the prices are approximations and may differ from the actual price. But as mentioned above, you pay the effective price that the picker settles at the checkout.

Can I tip the picker?

You can give the picker a voluntary tip at any time. Simply record in the app before the transaction.

What happens if no picker takes over my order?

If your order is not accepted by a picker within 24 hours, it will be cancelled including the credit card reservation. There is no cost for you.

Can I rate the picker?

In order for us to achieve the highest possible quality, you can evaluate the picker after the transaction has been completed. But the picker can also rate you.

Is there a chat feature?

There is a chat function so you can interact with the picker.

Can I select my picker?

Unfortunately, this possibility does not yet exist, but should be possible in the future.

What is “Just Pick Up”?

This is a feature that allows you to pick up your items through the picker. These can be already cleaned shirts or your repaired glasses. The “Just Pick Up” fee is a flat rate of CHF 15.00 or the equivalent in the foreign currency.

When will the final payment be made?

Once you have completed your order, the calculated amount will be reserved on your credit card. The effective load is after successful acceptance by you and confirmation in the PickAll app by you. The picker must prove the definitive amount by photographing the receipt. At the same time, the fees are also charged.

Can I order at any time?

That is our ambition. You can order anything you need from anywhere at any time. As soon as the picker takes over your order, your order will be executed.

Is there a minimum order value?

No, you can only order one product. You have complete flexibility.

Will I receive information while Picker is running my order?

Yes, you will be constantly informed or see the status of your order in the app.

Why do I need to upload a photo to my profile?

On the one hand, so that we can identify you, on the other hand, that the picker hands over the goods to the right person.

Can I still benefit from bonus programs, even if the picker is shopping for me?

Of course. All the picker needs is a photo of your card for the respective bonus program or the bar code.

What if, for example, a product does not exist?

The picker will tell you this in the chat function. You can then opt for an alternative product or omit it altogether. If, for any reason, you are unable to respond promptly to the Picker’s notice, the missing product will not be purchased.

Can I delete an order?

As long as the picker is not on the road for you, you can delete the order.

Can I change a scheduled purchase?

As long as the picker is not on the road for you, you can process your order at any time.

Can I rate the picker?

Yes, you can rate the picker. On the other hand, the picker can also rate you.

Can I communicate with the picker?

Yes, we have built in a chat function so you can communicate with the picker if needed.

How can I change my information?

Under your profile you can update your details (address, phone number, etc.) at any time.

How can I add my credit card or change credit card details?

Under your profile, you can add a new credit card at any time. You can also update your credit card details at any time.


How can I become a picker?

Download the PickAll app and register as a picker. Follow the information at the registration.

What are the prerequisites for me to become a picker?

You must be at least 18 years old. We need an official ID and you need to upload a profile picture for identification in the app.

Why does PickAll need my IBAN?

Your earnings will be credited to your account. That’s why we need your IBAN.

Why do I have to identify myself?

We work with Stripe to ensure the best possible quality payment processing solution. Stripe needs the means of identification to ensure the best possible service.

When will the credit be credited?

Once a week, your sales will be paid to you. In the PickAll-App, you can always see how much has already come together.

Can I accept multiple orders at once?

Here you are your own boss and can take as many orders as you can process.

Can I communicate with the customer?

Yes, we have built in a chat feature so you can communicate with the customer when needed.

Which stores do I shop in?

You can see in the customer’s order where you have to shop. All details are given in the order. You decide whether you want to accept the order.

How is the handover done?

This information can be seen in the sales order. If there are any changes, you can contact the customer via the chat function.

What if, for example, a product does not exist?

Get in touch with the customer via chat function and inform him. The customer then decides whether he wants to leave out an alternative product or completely. If, for any reason, the customer is unable to reply promptly to your message, the missing product will not be purchased.

Will I receive any equipment?

As a start-up, our resources are unfortunately still limited. But we are working to provide you with equipment. It may also be that the picker has to finance them himself at the beginning.

How do I make your purchase at the checkout?

When you have all the products ready, you go to the checkout as usual and pay. You pay with your preferred payment method (cash, credit card, debit card, etc.). It is important that you scan the receipt with the app per order and record the final amount in the app. The customer will then confirm it upon successful handover and you will receive the agreed credit note.

What if the customer is not present for the handover as planned?

Here we ask you to contact the customer and agree an alternative (e.g. landfill at the door). If the customer is still not reachable, please contact pick All and rate the customer accordingly.

What if one or more products have been damaged during delivery?

Please try to find a solution with the customer. If this is not possible, contact PickAll.

What if I’m late?

Please inform the customer – you can also reach in via chat function but also by phone.

What if I have an accident during delivery?

We hope, of course, that this will never be the case. If it is not too bad anyway, please inform the customer and contact PickAll.


What is a Volunteer?

Volunteering is also possible at PickAll. If a picker of personal conviction wants to register as a volunteer and wants to do the purchases for free, we offer you this opportunity.

How can I register as a volunteer?

You can register as a picker as normal and answer yes to the question Volunteer. You can update this at any time.


What is the PickAll partnership?

With the PickAll partnership you get an online access and have a free webshop. In addition, the pickers outsource some of your logistics. Every company is welcome in the PickAll partnership. Above all, however, we want to support micro-enterprises. As a PickAll partner, you will also receive free advertising space on our APP and will always be displayed first when ordering by the customers and existing partners.

How do I become a partner?

Register as a partner on the PickAll app and follow the process. After successfully completing the registration process, you can create your webshop.

What are the costs?

There are no costs until 31 December 2022. From 1 January 2023, the costs will be 10% from a monthly turnover of CHF 500.- or equivalent in EUR.

When will I be charged?

Fees will be charged in the middle of the month. The debited amount is calculated from the sales of the previous month.

What are the prerequisites?

You must have a company and products registered in the business register for sale.

How is my company positioned?

As a partner, you’ll automatically be listed separately with the other partners in the app. The customer will first receive your products when ordering. You can also promote your best products with targeted promotions.

What about payment?

For the time being, payment is made as normal by the customer. In the future, it is planned that the partners will be integrated into the PickAll payment process. For technical reasons, this is unfortunately not yet possible at the start.