PickAll and the Community Impact

A connected community succeeds. Through determination, technology and empathy, PickAll is building bridges to connect the members of our community.

Our neighbors, local businesses and services impact our lives and welcomed in our home.

To improve everyone’s quality of life we are focusing on four key areas:

1. Supporting the local business:

We will increase the visibility of local businesses in the marketplace.

PickAll’s infrastructure enables local businesses to grow by providing them a marketplace platform with logistics support.

2. Supporting the local Pickers:

Creating economic opportunities for local people, while allowing them to make their own schedule, and connecting them to the community in a dignified way.

3. Supporting those with special needs
Everyone should have easy access to things they need, without having to be dependent on others. The elderly and those with special needs are able to use PickAll delivery free of charge.

4. Supporting people with a full schedule with those wanting to work.

We understand the balancing of time. By ordering with PickAll we give you more time to do what is important in your life.

When you use PickAll you are not only helping yourself, you are supporting local businesses and members of the community.